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Welcome to my site!

Every1 els has a web site these days, so I figured, y not me 2?

Im gonna use this site to say abot my fav movies and games, books and cool technology. Im gonna review the movies i went to c and the tech ive seen on the highstreet and online. Ill post a few pics of my fam-but not many! Im gonna tk abot my fav songs and any new cool software thts out. Mainly im just gonna tk abot the cool stuff thts out thr.

What's New?

Wel this is my very 1st entry!!! The sit is on its way though still bloody loads to do! Its no wer near comp and so I hope its all sorted and running fin by the end of Xmas. More soon... 19/12/05

Solid Snake
My Fav Game Character

Plz be sur to get in touch and let me no wot u think of my site. Thxs:)

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