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Beliefs and Opinions
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My Philosophy

Below ar sum of my beliefs and opinions and I hope to update this area often. My not religious myself but respect others and thier religions. If any1 wants to ad thr opinion then thts gr8. But Im unable to show all of em so remeber tht.

Got Anything on Ur Mind?

If uve got sumthing tht u think is major and want it posted right here then plz Email.

My Opinions on Current Events

Is any1 out thr a bit pissed off because OAPs ar havin a go at us because we wear hoodies or ar in a group of peeps? Wel I am. Now every1 is havin a go. Now even the police ar at it givin ASBOs out everywhere. For instance I was speakin to this kid who was with his friend goin to visit his nans. The police pull up and tell em to split up as its ASB to walk together. Thts bloody stupid. Has any1 got any stories? Email em to me with ur first name and area u liv.   

Do u agree or disagree with my beliefs and opinions? I'd luv to hear from u. Check out my "Contact Me" page to send me e-mail.

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