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Abot Me
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Here's mor than u probably want to no abot me...

Hi my names Oli and im 13. I luv technology and my PC and game consles. My fav lesson in sch is IT-its the best! I dont really lik Maths but ive gotta do it for GCSE and A levels cos i wanna do IT in Uni. I enjoy goin to the cinema and watching movies and even do my own with a cam and sum decsent vid ed software lik Adobe Premier. My mum and dad ar alright and i luv em loads. Im expecting a baby bro/sis soon so thts pretty cool. I adore playin CSS and DOD:S and im thinking of building my own clan. Anyway thts enough abot me enjoy the rest of my site ;) 

Below is a pic from Lost.

The Cast

Fav Stuff

The things tht i lik best of al ar:
Vid Games

Fav TV Show: Simpsons or Lost
Fav Movie: Oceans 11 (i no but its pretty cool, cmon!)
Fav Music: Faithless-God Is A DJ
Fav Book: LOTHR Trilogy
Fav Sports Team: Wales Rugby
Fav Food: Pancakes
People I Most Admire: Any1 who has put up with me! Naa! Only jokin lol. Most prob hackers not the 1s tht hack databases and replace files with crap. The 1s tht discover stuff 4 the good of the peeps.

Fav Quotes

My fav quote:
"Its not my fault!"

My Daily Week For All My Fans!